Welcome to Premier Succulents first blog post! We want this space to be about helping all succulent and house plant enthusiasts with basic plant care, learning about new plants, and creating a community to share inspiration and ideas.

Here is a list of basic care instructions for your succulents:

1. Open your plants immediately upon arrival. Gently remove them from their packaging.

2. Find a cute pot (we recommend terra cotta or ceramic-make sure it has drainage holes!) and fill it with a cactus and succulent mix soil. Water the soil.

3. Dig a small hole for your plant and place it inside, then gently firm the soil around the base of the plant.

4. Place your newly planted succulent in soft sunlight or indirect light (they need to get used to the sun after being shipped). You'll want to slowly introduce your succulent to bright light. If it's getting "leggy" and looks stretched, it needs a bit more light.

5. Water your succulent as the soil dries and watch it grow! If you're keeping it indoors, give it a turn occasionally to allow even amounts of light to hit the whole plant.

6. Once your plant matures, share it's babies or cuttings with friends and family! Plants make people happy, and are excellent gifts! 

Please remember these are basic care instructions and some succulents require more love than others. We'll share tips on care for our other plants in upcoming blog posts. If you want to see information for specific plants please comment down below! We would love to share more knowledge for - and learn from - our fellow enthusiasts.

Happy Planting!